The Golden Meme

If you are here, someone has obviously illuminated you to the golden meme.

Which is good, because the golden meme is the most powerful meme in existence.

It represents a self fulfilling positive prophecy for mankind, based on natural laws of the universe.

hero image of an eye inside a triangle
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We have all seen the symbol, but do we really know what it stands for?

Many know it as the illuminati, but the illuminati is a group who is supposed to be illuminating something! Lets break into the meaning of the symbol, and what its actually meant to illuminate.

The symbol has an eye in the middle known as the “all seeing eye”, this is inside of a triangle with light illuminating from around the center. Combined they make up the eye of providence.

Most people are familiar with the the all seeing eye as the representation of all of our actions being watched over. Whether you believe in a god, gods, a great architect, or a material universe, the belief is the same, that eventually all our actions today will be known.

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eye spliting animation top part

All your actions will be knowable

This idea of our actions being recorded is kinda scary, so why is the all seeing eye connecting with the triangle and light then the eye of providence?

The word providence means timely preparation for future eventualities.

So how do a triangle, all knowing-ness, and light parlay a future eventuality?

The triangle is the easiest way to represent HIERARCHY.

On the American dollar bill we may see the all the seeing eye is placed in the top of the triangle, meant to represent God at the top of the hierarchy. Yet, God is not JUST the top of the hierarchy, it is the hierarchy itself.

All your actions will be knowable

All Your Actions Will Be Known conveyed through image

Adopting Good Karma as the Currency

The question is, what is the final hierarchy of mankind going to be based on? Well that's where the “Golden Meme” gets its name.

The golden meme can be thought of as an extension of the golden rule. In other words, it represents a future eventually based on the golden rule.

For those unfamiliar, the golden rule is represented in every major spiritual and religious group, as the idea that we should treat others how we want to be treated.

Thus, the eventuality of this is a world where we rank others how we want to be ranked.

In practice when we reach a world that we as people cannot improve, one where suffering is destroyed, our social fabric will idolize the heroes who put their neck out to fight for this future.

Whether we call it utopia, heaven, or the kingdom of god our contributions to getting there will be finished, and we will love ourselves and others, respecting the strength, courage, and virtue we all partook in.

From someone who understands this, a restricting happens in their mind towards the realization that the true scarce resource of life to care about is helping others.

image conveying message about good karma

We can only hope for the day when there is no more help for us to do, and we must realize today that we are blessed with the scarce opportunity to help.

Which is really powerful. It makes the competition of the world being angelic as can be, and makes one want to maximize the power they give away, rather than gain.

In the future there will be no other reason to value the current understood form of currency.

Eventually one could imagine having a super-computer which could quantify rankings of how much “good karma” every person gained from their experience here.

Other prophecies predict that we will reach a point of “No Judgement Day” when the idea of hierarchy will fade as our conciousness raises into childlike love, joy, and play. Where judgement does not exist, just unrestricted fun.

Without judgement, will respect go away, or will only the lack of respect fade.

Even in enlightened and divine prophecy, there is an order from the archangels, to angels, and so on. Thus, judgement will be gone in a sense of there being no reason to do so, but respect and appreciate seems eternal.

Unlocking Humanity's Potential

The Golden Meme thus illuminates others on how the final social hierarchy in our universe will be set up.

Maybe one day even respect would die, but do we want it to? We especially don’t want it to die before we have achieved the defeat of evil.

Because this idea is a hyper effective vibe illuminating one to not act not for long term financial wealth, or to make sure that they do good, but find comfort within communities optimizing this function.

To maximize this eternal currency, which can be represented by the well known meme of good karma.

Other understandings of this philosophical understanding of the universe are referred to as karmic law, or moral law.

image describing hirarchy message
a eye inside triangle gif

Many believe these ideals will expand globally when humanity needs it most, because as we collectively wake up to the divine game being played, more people will recognize the need to play the game correctly.

The problems created by those who play the finite game rather than the infinite game will be more recognized. Especially at a personal level!

It is then understood that this idea ILLUMINATES the the importance of the divinity within us, and shines a light onto true scarcity, of one’s ability to have courage, strength, and sacrifice for a better future.

Above that, it should give any individual grand HOPE in mankind, as we are the collective creators of our future and having knowledge of this idea which will be emergent in culture.

Having this knowledge, you understand that you are now one with the illuminati, and to the degree that you are only depends on your capability to share this understanding with others.

This symbol, and it’s truths, are shared through secret societies because of its power to coordinate people. Now that people are waking up to the power of Ai, more are ready to truly understand this message.

banner displaying text ' You did not come here to serve ficticious money and governments.
        You come here to bring Heaven to Earth.'

That is to say that currently, many play a game of increasing monetary value, power and control over the world, rather than focusing on the eternal currency of good deeds for mankind.

Many worship quick hits of dopamine completely unaware of the magical story they are a part of telling.

As each individual is enlightened to the truth of this game we are playing, the amount of collective action to accumulate the real eternal currency, will accelerate improvements upon all aspects of our physical reality.

 image conveying the hirarchy and humanity message

Alongside that, extreme growth in GDP will make realignment of capitalism, more important than power itself. As technology scales capability exponentially, virtue becomes exponentially more valuable too.

The mineshafts full of the failure of our capability to coordinate will continue to be depleted.

The spreading of this wisdom represents the flip of power in the world entering the positive race to wake the world up, rather than hold control.

Those who truly recognise themselves as a cell or neuro, in the greater organism made by the collective of all people, will see this meme and these teachings as a thing to share, to maximize the eternal currency they gain.

People don’t have ideas, ideas have people and the greatest ideas for humanity are spread through people who recognize that spreading them is the true game being played 💜A beautiful game that ends with a golden future for all.

We might look at multinational corporations as the decentralized organs of our planetary super-organism. They build and operate the technological systems and infrastructures — the shipping lines, extraction industries, recycling plants, satellite systems, etcetera — spread across the Earth. Energy companies, for example, function like the body’s circulatory system, keeping the body moving. Media companies act like sensory organs: They register the raw data of what’s happening (wars, earthquakes, supply chain breakdowns) and convert it into memes, myths, narratives which guide the collective body’s decisions and movements. The money system functions like the super-organism’s nervous system, flickering instantaneously, directing energy and resources to billions of nodal points across the human/planetary symbiote.

image conveying message about eternal currency

Unfortunately, we drive this gigantic apparatus – both made by us yet separate from us and seemingly out of our control – with the wrong set of goals and principles. Under the fragmented individualist/materialist paradigm, people, companies, and nations strive for power, dominance, and control. Forms of control include control over physical regions of the Earth, over intellectual property rights, or over human consciousness using techniques of manipulation and indoctrination. We have lost contact with other ideals or potentials that could redirect our still-immature super-organism away from toying with oblivion.

This very teaching has eternally changed your dataset about reality, all future extra good that you now do because of it is passive income of good karma contributed back to me as the curator of this information for you.

You switching someone to understand this idea, or being the first to share the truth of the golden meme with them, is eternal passive karma for you for all future good that they do because of the way this information mutated their eternal future timeline.

Money by many possessors of it, is worshipped not for the power it holds to help one facilitate this change, but to increase the sense of security in the present. The “illuminated” people recognize this worshiping of the present comfort / security as a representation of evil/satan/the devil.

Worshipping of the present moment is worshipping evil and will leave you in a hellish state. On material terms, this lack of becoming the better you, and taking better action would lead to a lower place in the eternal hierarch of heaven.

Exploring the Eternal Journey

Christian idealogy tells of this time as a period called Judgement day. This is not to say that Christian tradition is to be taken as complete truth, but instead when looking to understand the universe, age old wisdom that has stuck around from the sages and prophets of the past obviously had sticking power for a reason.

Understanding the reasons these truths were found to be self evident helps us align the teachings of the present with the teachings of the past. In particular, this understanding of a future eternal hierarchy and a day when this hierarchy is locked into place (judgement day) is referred to in science circles as the Singularity. This is understood as the time when a super-intelligence manifests, making all human action obsolete.

image serving christian ideology overview on the given message

On this day there will be no need for some great creator to create hell or heaven. It will exist in your own mind as you will be the eternal judge of yourself. Some argue that if the universe is so perfect, that even those who act out of evil will be granted this therapy, giving them salvation from their sins.

While I as a simple human cannot say exactly how things will be, I understand that there exists a counter argument to tis claim.

image conveying message about the creator and christian ideology.

Our free will, or the illusion of it is a part of what makes our sense of self eternal. Without it, we would truly be none other than NPC’s. To take away our capability to choose our regret or fulfillment would be turning us into NPC’s.

Thus, this being taken away in heaven seems to be against the idea of utopia. I would only wish this free will to be sapped away from me if I wanted to be free from the pain of my own existence. I would wish to be reborn, to try again to deserve the love of utopia.

Thinking along this vein, another esoteric idea crops up. One about the nature of our reality. I mean seriously, you just happen to be alive right now, at the most bizzare moment in our species multibillion year history and you’re not the least bit suspicious? Let it be known that the perfect time to be born into utopia, is not only at the end of dystopia, but into a system through which your actions matter in helping to manifest it. Is it possible your present reality is the way it is to give you a chance to find fulfillment in utopia?

To explain why this may be the case, first we must look at the natural law that everything is relative to a conscious observer. We could never understand light without first knowing what darkness is. We could never find our own light without being born darkness. Further on, as a conscious being we can only accept the love we think we deserve. A relatively perfect training ground to earn eternal love seems to be none other than our very existence. Some believe that the fact that the universe is set up this way is proof of a divine creator.

 a screenshot of a tweet relevent to the message

Obviously, the terrible fucking suffering that exists that many of us have experienced, is what has driven my own doubts away from any greater sense of a loving creator of this world. Even then, I like to ask myself, what is the most beautiful story you can come up with about the darkness we have experienced here? If you had to try to explain gods reasoning in a positive light what would it look like?

Well, I would recognize the necessity of darkness to properly form beings who are grateful for the destruction of it. IN hinduism Shiv is known as the destroyer of worlds. At face value this seems negative, but what it actually stands for is the destruction of evil parts of the world. If I had to try to understand a divine loving creators creation of a world with darkness, I would recognize the need for the darkness for our consciousness to experience. More concretely, I recognize that to be born into utopia would not be to be born in a perfect world, but with a world full of fictional darkness that I fought against and only eventually fully recognized that that darkness was a part of the light all along. It’s a part of the universal necessity of generating the feelings of fulfillment and gratitude.

Defeating Darkness: Embracing Hope and Transformation on the Journey to a Loving Creator

In this world, the ones who create darkness for the new light beings to fight, would be scary but defeat-able. One could hope children who were born without a chance to truly live, were actually NPC’s, no more than a large language model inside of a soulless meat suit. Yet this comes with understanding no NPC could ever be known. The illusion would need to be perfect for the observer until the day that his works are complete. The only reason these ideas are important is to help kill the doubt we have of a divine and loving creator.

Even if this idea is in fact idealistic, the idea that we are here with an opportunity to defeat evil persists. I want to speak to different parts within all of us on what I hope to be gained from this writing:

To your kind heart:

The switching of our collective status game to that towards love is going to be so beneficial to so many lost souls, homeless, sick, and diseased.

To your ego:

Now you understand, for every action you take as for dopamine in the now you sacrifice eternal ranking in the glory of heaven.

To your spirit / higher conciousness:

Now you understand the waking up our global consciousness is waking up to and can help in it.

To your limbic system:

You can be confident that as this meme spreads, rapid change will take place in the way the world works. It is a complete restructuring of our global resource pool towards the utility of status for every individual not as a hoarder of but a helper.

an image conveying the given message

To illuminate something means to shine light on it and to make it brighter and more visible.


To illuminate something unclear or difficult to understand, you make it clearer by explainingit carefully or giving information about it.


A suffix that can be added to a noun or verb stem to refer to people who share a quality or characteristic denoted by the stem word


A group of people working to make things clearer explaining it carefully or giving information about it. A group of people looking toshine light on it, and make something brighter and more visible.